Moving on…but the blog stays.

You’ll notice I’ve stripped my web site down to only the blog entries this week.  This is because I’ve decided to take a full time position and close out Gram Consulting as a business.  I have enjoyed my work over the last few years with clients and associates, so the decision was not an easy one.  I hope to work with many of them again in the future.

The new position however, offers broader opportunity and challenge, including working for an industry leader in corporate learning and development and a great team of people.  My new role is Vice President, Leadership and Business Solutions with Global Knowledge. I ‘ll be managing the consulting, design and development of custom e-learning and performance improvement projects as well as a portfolio of excellent leadership and business skills development programs.

I’m planning to keep the blog alive.  In the next few weeks I plan to move  it to a new home and adjust the format and branding a bit.   It will cover similar ground,  so if you like what you’ve read so far, I hope you follow the new blog after the transition.   I’ll be bringing all the existing posts to the new site.   In the meantime I’ll likely post a few more items to this location.

I’ve truly enjoyed your comments both through the blog and personal connections.  The blog has enjoyed a steady increase in readership since I started a little less than a year ago.  Thank you for that.   I’ve enjoyed the conversation.  I hope we can keep it going.




2 thoughts on “Moving on…but the blog stays.

  1. Tom, congratulations on your new position. I’ve enjoyed your blog and recommend it to people who are looking for clear, rigorous thought about performance improvement. I hope you continue to blog and look forward to your posts.

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